Calgary, AB


The Southview Affordable Housing project is being designed as a direct response to the initial Community Engagement undertaken by the City of Calgary prior to the project being awarded to MTA.
The community has shown how they engage with the site through established circulation corridors and desire lines crossing the site, this is dictated by the site being in between two transit hubs, reinforced by the Shopping Centre to the west and main Grocery store to north.
The design of the site will maintain the desired lines and incorporate courtyards as organizing principals of this new community, designed not only to define private entrances but welcome public circulation through harmonizing the building form and landscape.
The 200 residential units are comprised of mid market affordable housing – filling a large gap in the non-market housing spectrum for the adjacent community. Through composition that includes 1, 2 + 3 bedroom units types the project responds the to socio-demographics of the surrounding areas which are increasingly family (single and dual parent) and seniors orientated.
Southview will be an Aging in Place environment by accounting for a fully inclusive site including circulation, barrier-free units in excess of 21% of the total, and overall unit composition and design that fosters internal flexibility potential for live / work situations.
Role: Prime Consultant Consultant
City Of Calgary

Location: Calgary, AB
Area: ± 230,000 ft²
Year: Estimated 2022