Calgary, AB.


MTA was engaged to prepare a long-term renovation and new furniture programme for seven existing Lodge sites owned and operated by Silvera. This program had to be unique to each home while establishing a sense of consistency that weaves together all of the sites, to support a new “look and feel” for Silvera environments. Included in the interior renovations is the implementation of a furniture program that includes the cataloging of existing, refurbished, and new products.
Over the next few years, MTA will guide Silvera through a logistical exercise to evaluate improvements with the budgets available, and provide all information required to complete each project. We will work with consultants, project managers, and contractors to reach the most efficient and cost-effective process to provide the most impact for change for the residents, caregivers, families and for the organization
Role: Interior Design Lead & Functional Programming
Silvera for Seniors

Location: Calgary, AB.
Units: ± 600
Year: 2022