Calgary, AB


The new Lamborghini Dealership is a two-storey facility containing a split level ground floor for the showroom and service shop. The second floor operates as vehicle storage for the client’s valuable inventory in addition to providing lease space for an office tenant. The initial concept for the project was derived from Lamborghini’s belief that their automobiles stand on their own and should be showcased by eliminating everything superfluous to the car’s image. The result is a simple architectural expression for the building which aligns with the design philosophy of Lamborghini. The development site is located at the intersection of Heritage Drive and 79th Avenue SE. This location affords a high degree of exposure both from vehicular traffic along Heritage Drive and Blackfoot Trail, as well as, to the East across Deerfoot Meadows and beyond to Deerfoot Trail. In response to the location the Architectural design and landscaping were carefully considered to position the Lamborghini Dealership as a gateway for the new Deerfoot Mile Auto Mall.
Client: Rosebud Properties Alberta
Area: ± 17,737 ft²
Final Budget: ± $3.5 Million
Award: Award Magazine, August 2015