Springbank, AB


MTA is telling animated stories about Harmony Village that can help describe “a day in the life of Harmony”. Our creative task is to tell Harmony’s message in an architectural animation that translates into a credible and authentic depiction of the Harmony Village. Using a 3D Digital architectural animation, still imaging, voice and sound overlays and text we will help bring the village stories to life. The digital animation and preliminary architectural style studies that MTA will develop for the digital fly-throughs are intended to serve as the basis for future detailed Architectural Guidelines that can be developed in future. It will take years of phased building development to bring the entire Village to life. Our animation and messaging has to be capable of long shelf life. The goal of our work is to create a versatile, multi layered product that tells the Harmony Village story to make a lasting, memorable and durable impact on a diverse and ever broadening market.
Client: Harmony Rocky View County
Location: Springbank, Alberta
Area: ± 958 acres
Year of Completion: Ongoing
Final Budget: N/A