Calgary, AB


The design concept for Clifton House focused on celebrating multi-culturalism and diversity in the NE neighborhood of Forest Lawn by dedicating the naming of each of the neighborhoods after Forest Lawn itself. Since most of Clifton House’s occupants are from the surrounding area, MTA bridged the history of the neighborhood with the local residents and the larger community. In addition to providing seniors care for those in need, The Brenda Strafford Foundation integrated community programming into this research focused development to make it a truly community-based village.

Incorporating 175 senior residences for supportive living, long-term care, memory care, KINDD programme for adults with delayed developmental challenges, as well as one of the only adult day programs in the City— Clifton House is the first of its kind in Calgary. MTA envisioned the project as becoming a cornerstone in the community, serving as a key catalyst for the City’s commitment to urban renewal and social equity in our neighbourhoods and communities.

Role: Prime Consultant
Brenda Stafford Foundation

Area: ± 150, 105 sq.ft