Calgary, AB


MTA and our client The Brenda Strafford Foundation are working collaboratively to develop a Masterplan and architectural vision for a proposed Seniors Care Village. This future ‘village’ will be located in the community of Forest Lawn. The first new development as part of this masterplan will be a new 175 resident supportive living and long tern care program for seniors living with dementia. In order to facilitate the greater village, concept the existing Clifton Manor, that is at the end of its lifespan, will be decommissioned with all staff and residents relocated into the new Clifton House. Once the relocation is complete work will begin on Phase 2 of creating the village concept. The program will look to include affordable seniors housing, assisted living and independent seniors living. In addition to providing seniors care The Brenda Strafford Foundation is also looking to integrate community programming into their new development to make it a truly community-based facility. Our team believes this project has the potential of becoming a key catalyst for urban renewal. The overall concept for Clifton House is focused on celebrating multi-culturalism and diversity through our design solutions.
Client: Brenda Stafford Foundation
Location: Calgary, AB.
Area: ± 150, 105 sq.ft
Year of Completion: 2021