Calgary, AB


At a crucial time of need, the City of Calgary plays a significant role towards alleviating the demand for acceptable living conditions for several in need individuals and families. The new Bridlewood Affordable Housing project will produce a sense of place for those that find it difficult to rent or own their own home and will also help to enhance the surrounding neighborhood and support new ways of living. The combination of smart master planning, built form, and a sustainable mindset will further support the City of Calgary’s mandate to become a leader in affordable housing and provide suitable homes for all its residents. This project will provide a variety of multifamily developments including a combination of two and four-bedroom townhomes equaling sixty-two (62) affordable housing units. Additionally, amenities including landscaped public and green space, waste management facilities, and associated parking will be incorporated. The unique conditions of the Bridlewood Affordable Housing project extend beyond the standard multifamily residential construction model and will require innovative design thinking, performance-based construction techniques, and a foundation of sustainability that influence not only upfront investments, but also the vitality and overall life span of the buildings and site. The project will facilitate the needs of a diverse socio-economic group and will also directly address the three areas of the City of Calgary’s “Triple Bottom Line”; environmental, social, and economic. MTA has capitalized on the ideals of each of these components through Sustainable Thinking as our fundamental guideline for all planning, design, and construction processes.
Role: Prime Consultant
 City Of Calgary

Location: Calgary, AB
Area: ± 80,000 ft²
Year: Completed 2021