Canmore, AB


MTA has worked closely with the Palliative Care Society, the town of Canmore, the indigenous community and produced a program calling for 8 beds, a palliative care “hub”, a day program providing respite care, grief counseling, and public and professional education. As a result, this project provides an inclusive home-like setting for families, caregivers, and residents alike. The project is set in the town of Canmore, Alberta and is surrounded by views of mountains and natural forested landscapes. The building is divided into 4 quadrants for residents, family and gathering, staff areas, and logistic support spaces. The quadrants are situated to work not only with the landscape design of the site and provide a woven network of indoor and outdoor spaces and views but also to respond to the surrounding scale of residential development. This offers residents numerous moments within the project to connect with family, caregivers, and their surrounding natural environment. 
Role: Prime Consultant
Palliative Care Society

Location: Calgary, AB
Area: ± 16,000 ft²
Year: Estimated 2022