Calgary, AB


The numerous sustainable design elements set this building apart from other suburban office buildings. Higher than average floor-to-floor heights; floor-to-ceiling glass and integrated solar shading, provide immense day-lighting into a clean, efficient floor plate design. Raised access flooring with manual and automated floor diffusers, in conjunction with operable windows and a dual mechanical core provide ‘on control’ HVAC directly to each occupant. Exposed concrete structure indirectly lit with high efficiency linear fixtures illuminate the plan in a friendly, non-glare manner. Its Building Technology Platform (BTP) offers flexible, state of the art access to power, voice and data. Internal stairs have been elevated in programming status to exterior building features. Four gearless, generation-3 elevators serve the two below grade parking levels and the six above grade floor levels.
Client: Northwest Value Partners
Location: Calgary, AB.
Area: ± 21, 173 ft²
Year of Completion: 2008
Final Budget: ± $26.5 Million
Collaboration:  Sweeny Sterling Finlayson & Co. Architects.