Overlooking Lower Kananaskis Lake in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park,
William Watson Lodge provides year round barrier free wilderness lodging.
The goal of this facility is to connect people of all abilities, all ages and all
cultures to recreational opportunities in nature. It was William Watson’s
vision to improve the social and environmental conditions for persons with
disabilities, seniors and their families.


The team from MTA performed exceptionally well on this very challenging project. After conducting an effective Master Planning exercise, the team succinctly engaged the different stakeholder and was able to deliver a design that satisfied and exceeded all design requirements. I was extremely impressed with the ideas and design elements in terms of dementia care and supportive living, that MTA incorporate into the design. Although faced with project budget pressures, MTA was able to lead and deliver a design that exceeded the expectations of the stakeholders and it is comforting to know that future residents of this facility will benefit from such an innovative design.

The MTA team is very approachable and have demonstrated their willingness to listen to our concerns. They are not telling us what they think we want to hear. They have listened and incorporated our direction into a plausible and workable solution. MTA to this point have been willing partners in helping us understand the steps required in coming up with an effective design that incorporated our values of providing comfort, compassion and dignity to the patients and their families during the palliative journey.

Overall, MTA’s approach to holistic project development including a focus of cultural, social and technical sustainability has raised the bar in terms of expectations for consultant performance for Affordable Housing. We have a great deal of confidence in MTA’s ability to work with a diverse team of stakeholders and address issues with realistic and workable solutions. Their capacity and willingness to work closely with Affordable Housing as established a high level of trust in their ability to design, coordinate and technically execute a project and we look forward to the next opportunity out organizations could work together.

Through each and every project, MTA was able to satisfy all of the City’s design requirements as well as design a project that retained our client’s expectations to ensure success metrics were achieved. Our project staff appreciates working with MTA on these projects and finds each member of the MTA team to be professional, responsive, and solution minded in regards to the consultant required actions. We further commend MTA for their ability to control and take responsibility for their sub-consulting team which I find is a rarity in today’s world of consulting.