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Malcolm Hotel


Canmore, AB


Malcolm Hotel is a full service hotel and conference centre situated in the heart of Canmore in Spring Creek Mountain Village. Recently completed, it houses a Conference Centre, full restaurant and bar, an outdoor pool and hot tubs with views of the creek and mountains and 124+ rooms. The Hotel features a natural aesthetic with real stone and timber features as well as integrating Canmore’s heritage through feature elements of weathered steel which tie the hotel back to Canmore’s establishment along the Transcanada railway. The Design works within Canmore’s guidelines for aesthetics whilst appealing to a more contemporary integration of form using an established palette.  MTA’s longstanding relationship with the client and developper has allowed this Hotel to take shape through a highly collaborative dynamic amongst all team members; Client, Builder, Architect, Engineers and Town representatives.

Client: Spring Creek Mountain Village
Estimated Year of Completion: Winter 2018
Area: ± 107,100 ft²
Estimated Construction Budget: Withheld due to confidentiality.