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Royal Oak Square


Calgary, AB


Royal Oak Square (ROS) is a mixed use retail and commercial Neighbourhood Centre located at the intersection of Rocky Ridge Road and Royal Oak drive in Calgary’s North West. The ± 28,000 ft² development is comprised of two buildings which are oriented to mitigate the difference is grade running north to south, while establishing a Community Plaza at the SW corner that frames the pedestrian street-edge condition for this neighbourhood commercial centre. The proposed mix of discretionary uses as well as the principal massing of the development at ROS are intended to serve the neighbourhood convenience of the immediate residents of the Royal Oak and Rocky Ridge communities, and to complement other, more regional commercial retail activities in the area while being respectful of the adjacent context.

Client: 1691650 Alberta Ltd.
Location: Calgary, AB.
Area: ± 28, 000 ft²
Year of Completion: 2014
Final Budget: ± $5.2 Million