• Performing Arts Theatre Hinton
  • Performing Arts Theatre Hinton
  • Performing Arts Theatre Hinton

Performing Arts Theatre Hinton

Hinton AB


In this 2 Phase approach project, MTa was responsible for converting an older RCMP and Fire Hall building into a mixed use facility with both recreational and civic spaces in order to better serve the needs for the growing community of Hinton.

Firstly, the RCMP/Fire Hall facility was converted into the Guild which is a joint use community building with FCSS and Visual Arts/Pottery Studio. In the second Phase of this project, the MTa team was responsible for converting the Fire Hall wing of the building into a new performing arts theatre. This included a full mechanical and electrical upgrade, addition of a new reception lobby and washrooms, full interior conversion of the apparatus bay to 170 seat theatre with elevated stage, a sound booth and new back of stage addition for loading and a workshop.
This project involved preparation of a functional programme, community consultation regarding the design and programming, detailed design, cost estimating, site development and design, contract administration, and project close out.

Client: Town of Hinton
Location: Hinton, Alberta
Area: ± 19,000 sf.
Year of Completion: 2016
Final Budget: ± $4.5 Million