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  • Petro Chemical Laboratory

Petro Chemical Laboratory

AB, Fort McMurray


MTA designed a new Upstream bitumen testing laboratory for a Canadian Oil Producer in the Fort McMurray area. The project initially called for the assessment exploring the feasibility of an expansion to an existing laboratory. It quickly became apparent that the existing laboratory was not fit for further expansion of anticipated laboratory function. Instead the design team was able to design and devise a new laboratory layout and program which was delivered within the same budget framework as the original laboratory expansion.

The facility was designed to fit within a stringent set of modular components for ease of remote construction and following the client’s risk management approach. The interiors of the laboratory utilized state of the art laboratory equipment, appropriate finishes and laboratory FF&E components while following a strict site safety protocol and standard.

Designed within a very short time frame, MTA and the design team responded to a fast tracked schedule set by the client. Working closely with the modular contractors the design was completed within a 3 month period. The laboratory was completed mid 2018.